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Opera Bar

Went here after dining at China Doll. Was busy for a Tuesday, felt more like a Thursday/Friday. Managed to get a table. Ordered a Gin Journey cocktail. It was alright, a bit sweet. Ended up going back to standard drinks, Gin with Lemonade – was actually better than the cocktail. Anyway you’re there for the … Continue reading

Bar Food

Stitch Bar

Delivered it through Uber Eats, was feeling like snacky type food.  Got Curly Fries ($6), Smoked Hot Wings ($12), BBQ Corn ($6) and Mac & Cheese Balls ($12). I guess it didn’t help that the delivery person was just hanging around for a while, not sure if they were trying to find the place or … Continue reading

Bar Food

The Bavarian

On the way to Paddy’s Market, needed some food.  Not my choice, but it was alright.  Had the fish & chips ($19) and Chicken Schnitzel burger ($12).  Fish was more like the cocktail fish you get at the foodcourt, chips were ok.  The burger was alright, but nothing amazing. Kind of bland. Wasn’t completely satisfied, … Continue reading