The Juicy Crab

I love seafood and crabs are definitely one of my favourites so always keen to try a new place – especially with a name like ‘The Juicy Crab’ their specializing in crab so it’s gotta be good right?

It was full on packed when we got there – group of 5.  We had to wait a little while for a table – maybe 10 minutes, not too long.  They just have wine and beer – in terms of alcohol, there’s also soft drinks and juice, so went with some wine while deciding what to get.  For appetizers got the onion rings, chicken tender basket and for the main I went with King crab legs as they’d run out of the Snow crab.

Appetizers – decent onion rings ($3), chicken tenders ($7) were alright too – but of course I wasn’t here for that.
King Crab Legs ($32) – ok so you get 1LB for $32.  For the seasoning, I went with the Juicy Special and spice level – extra hot.  You can choose from Cajun, Garlic Butter seasoning, Lemon Pepper or Garlic Butter only.  The Juicy special is a mix of all of these.  For the spice levels it’s mild, medium, hot and extra hot.  Now to the main event…
So I skipped over the potato and corn which this comes with and got to the crab…Where is the flavour – where is the spice?! It wasn’t even mild, just dripping red oil – which I kept trying to push the crab meat into in hopes of grabbing some taste but that didn’t help give it any flavour just more tasteless red oil.  I dunno maybe the waitress mixed it up? I have no idea how it could have been so far away from even an ounce of flavour, I’d expect at least the Cajun and lemon pepper flavour to come through, but nope nothing.

Quantity – it was ok quantity, kind of expected a bigger portion of the King Crab.
Ambience – it’s pretty noisy and crowded but then you’re not coming here for a romantic dinner or anything so it’s fine and fits in with the theme.
Service – it was alright, it was a busy night and the server was nice but service was a bit slow.
Spice – None, like nothing at all 1/5 – I ordered extra hot, I mean even if there was some flavour I would have rated this up but wow, no red oil does not count as spice – unless it’s got chillies in it.
Taste – Again, even without the heat, there was no flavour, so in terms of the crab really disappointing.  The rest of the sides were alright though.

What a downer, I had been waiting to try this place after our mate said it was the spiciest crabs they’ve had – about a year ago.  I dunno if something’s changed over that time, but I went through the reviews and the majority are giving high praise to this place.  I did see a few which mentioned the lack of taste and excess of oil but hoped that was just an off night, sadly it was my experience as well.  I kind of do want to try it again just to make sure that I should def cross The Juicy Crab off…But I’m also tempted to try Fat Crab, Red Crawfish and Crab Pot before I give this another go.


Onion Rings

Chicken Tenders

1LB King Crab Legs

King Crab leg

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