Jang Su Jang

Ok so finally one step closer to Madang – this is by far the best Korean I’ve found so far in Atlanta.  Breakers is different it’s KBBQ – this is tofu soup and basically everything comes out cooked.  So anyway, saw the good reviews and rushed to try this place out.  I’m finally writing this, but I’ve been here about 5 times already, and after trying it the first time, we came back the next day…

First time, tried the Spicy Pork (off course), Mushroom Tofu Soup and the Hwae Naeng Myun – I was totally being greedy no way we were gonna finish all of this.

Spicy Pork – Daeji Bulgogi ($17.99) – I asked them to make it extra spicy and with more sauce and they did and it was pretty good.  The meat is a bit thicker and not as thin.  I do like it and it’s probably one of the better ones I’ve tried so far, but not quite Madang – still good flavour, just not amazing.  I think I should branch out and try some other dishes next time.
Mushroom Soon Tofu Soup ($9.99) – totally awesome, their tofu soup is the best – it’s a thicker broth to So Kong Dong and has more flavour and it’s spicy – just the right amount – you can let them know how spicy to make it.  It’s so good.
Hwae Naeng Myun ($13.99) – arrowroot noodles tossed in a spicy sauce with spicy chilli skate.  Ok so yes I liked the sauce, it was spicy and the noodles were good too.  I just watched a Korean movie and they always have amazing food it’s so annoying to watch them eat it, so I had to try the skate, it looked delicious, but actually, I’ve found out I don’t like it.  I ate everything else around it.  It’s a bit hard and different, not a fan of the texture – it’s a bit like cartilage.
Banchan – standard kimchi, sprouts, steamed veges, japchae, seaweed, salad, pickled veges, miso and they sometimes have the sweet potato – that is my favourite but I dunno why it’s run out twice I’ve been here – like it’s not me eating all of it…Anyway everything is great.

Quantity – more than enough – always full for at least a few hours after.
Ambience – It’s very homely and how I imagine a traditional Korean restaurant would be.  Mostly booth type seating and a few open tables.  Also there’s free wifi here too.
Service – Has been great every time.  The ladies here are lovely and really friendly and also it’s quick too – you can use the button if there’s no one around as well.
Spice – 4/5 – Great and you can always ask for extra spicy too.

Overall, so so good.  This place has everything, excellent food, great service and awesome banchan.  It’s my fave Korean place so far and has the best tofu soup. And yep they have soju here too – $13.99 a bottle, and they give you free Biofeels (Korean soft drink) to go! It’s so yum!!

Spicy Pork

Mushroom Tofu soup

Hwae Naeng Myun

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