It’s pretty hard to find good biryani – like really good biryani.  The best biryani is made at home honestly, but this is the place everyone raves about so had to try.

Bit of a drive out to Decatur, it’s around the hub of Indian/Pakistani shops near Patel Brothers etc.  It wasn’t too busy when we first got there, on a Thursday evening around 7.30pm.  But then about 15 minutes later there was a sudden steady flow of people coming in – it’s clearly a popular place.  We were in a group of 5 and grabbed a table.  It’s quite a basic setting, order at the counter and food is served in paper plates if you’re dining in – it’s obviously not about the setting but the food.  We ordered the Chicken 65, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Seekh Kebob, Chicken Tikka Masala, Saag Paneer and off course biryani – Mutton, Chicken and Vege.

Chicken 65 ($6.69) – This is a typical dish you get with biryani, it was done well and very tasty.
Chicken Seekh Kebob ($6.69) – Had good flavour but preferred the 65.
Tandoori Chicken ($4.49) – Really good marination, this was probably the best of the appetizers. It’s spicy but just the right amount, although it might be a bit extra for some.

Chicken Tikka Masala ($6.99) – Decent but I’ve had better CTM.  Was a bit small quantity wise and hardly any chicken pieces – it’s more of an appetizer size.
Saag Paneer ($6.49) – Was alright, the vegetarians at the table loved it.
Biryani ($7.49 Mutton & Chicken, $6.49 Vege) – The Mutton biryani was really good, we asked for double masala for both meat biryanis and I could taste it more in the mutton.  The meat is very tender and had soaked in the masala flavour.  The chicken was good too but enjoyed the mutton more.  I just had a spoon of the Vege and it was ok, more of a meat person – especially with biryani but I’m not sure if they asked for double masala for the vege.  There’s slightly a bit more oil or ghee in the biryani, but that’s normal for biryani not made at home.  This still doesn’t beat a good home-made biryani, but has been the best I’ve tried outside here in ATL so far.

Quantity wise – we ordered quite a bit so I was full, but the quantity sizes are a bit small – especially the curries.
Ambience – It’s well-lit, food court style setting.  Decent amount of tables and chairs and food is served on a tray with plastic plates, I can see it getting crowded though on the weekend, so takeaway would be a better option.  The ordering style is a bit messy, and it can get pretty loud so you need to really concentrate.
Service – It’s self-service, so no need to tip!
Spice – Pretty good – say a 3.5/5, I think they can make it a bit more spicy but out of our control as it’s pre-made.
Taste – Overall, it was good and we did try a few different things to get an overview of the place.  Biryani is the main thing you’d come here for as I’ve had better tasting curries from other places.  Tandoori chicken and chicken 65 were good too.

As I mentioned before, there’s always a slightly different taste with outside biryani, I haven’t been able to find a place which doesn’t have that yet.  Bit spoiled since I get home cooked Hyderabadi Biryani every now and then so can’t help but compare!


Chicken 65, Chicken Tikka Masala, Biryani, Chicken Seekh Kebob

Chicken 65

Tandoori Chicken

Chicken Tikka Masala & Chicken Seekh Kebob

Saag Paneer


Mutton & Chicken biryani


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