Gokul Sweets

Felt like chaat and I’d already tried the one in Decatur, which was really good.  So finding a closer option was pretty special.  There’s a good amount of parking and you can either take-away or dine in – if you dine in, they come to your table to take the order, not like the Zyka system.

So finally found a place that does live pani puri – they do it at the Decatur one too.  You can get the plates with it already made, but if you want to do pani puri rounds, then get it from the stand – it’s served by hand.  So after doing 3 sets (you get 6 in each set).  I felt I probably shouldn’t have ordered as much as I had already done.  Too late…Ordered the Szechuan Noodles – spicy, Kachori Chaat and Masala Dosa.

Pani Puri ($4.49) – was ok, but missing the spicy tangy flavour that the Decatur one had – it had a good mix of spicy and sweet and the fillings were better there as well.
Szechuan Noodles ($6.99) – Decent, but not great.  Maybe I should have had the Hakka Noodles instead, that’s usually always a hit.  But I just wanted to try something different and well, didn’t work out this time.
Kachori Chaat ($4.99) – Now this was awesome.  Really had the right amount of everything – sauces and the mix was perfect.
Masala Dosa ($7.99) – mm no, not very close to what it should be.  It’s ok but again, not great.

Quantity – Yea, was more than enough.
Ambience – This place was quite busy, most tables were full.  Not as crazy as Decatur busy, but decent.
Service – Was alright, didn’t really come around much to check on you.  You have to get their attention to let them know you need something else.
Spice – 3/5 – Not close to what you can usually get, but was alright.  Something was missing from the Noodles, or some other flavour at least of what Szechuan should be.
Taste – The chaat is good, I’ve had the samosa chaat as well and that was great.  The noodles, dosa and pani puri was average.  I’d actually make the drive out to Decatur for the pani puri there.  Will have to try the rest of the menu too next time.

Overall, good chaat place.  I’d give the Duluth one 3.5 and Decatur a 4, just because the taste is a bit more authentic and well slightly better. Still, it’s way closer than taking the drive over to Decatur and is probably one of the best in the area.

Pani Puri stand

Pani Puri – served by hand

Szechuan Noodles

Kachori Chaat

Masala Dosa


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