Oh! My SamGyupSal

This is a KBBQ place where the meat is marinated and then cooked in front of you – for the majority of the dishes.  It also has AYCE options as well.  Honestly, I was actually looking for a Korean place which wasn’t doing BBQ but the usual cooked spicy pork and spicy/bulgogi chicken, should have read the reviews but anyway, was already in the place so might as well check it out.

Their menu is a bit on the lower side of options – if you’re just there to have full on meat then maybe it would be fine.  We ordered the Pork Belly, Spicy Chicken, soju, soju and lots of soju.

Spicy Pork Belly ($21.99) – Meh, it was ok but not that flavourful, I know when you grill the meat rather than having it made the flavour is always a bit less but it was even less with this, I had to keep dipping it in the spicy sauce.  I even tried pouring it over it while it was grilling.
Spicy Chicken ($18.99) – This was alright as well, seemed to have marinated a bit better than the pork.
Sides – Salad, bean sprouts, kimchi, rice paper and pickled radish and 3 sauces each for the meat.  Bit on the limited side compared to most other places.

Quantity – It was enough food for sure, there was actually a bit remaining so quantity-wise it’s good.
Ambience – It was a weeknight so not too busy, there were a few other groups there.  Just normal, tables and chairs and there’s graffiti on the walls.  The cooker is placed on the side of the table not in the middle like at most places.
Service – Our server was great.  He came over often to check on us and made sure to be attentive with cooking the food – that was awesome.  It’s so good here how they cook the food for you! Seriously in Sydney we have to cook it ourselves and you smell even more of meat and you’re basically paying to cook your own food…anyway
Spice – 2/5, not spicy in comparison to Korean spice – I know you can do better.
Taste – It was decent but not anything special.  I think we ended up having more drinks than eating the food tbh.

Overall was ok, but since I’ve been to Breakers by the time I got round to writing this, I would say that’s a lot better.  This place is a bit pricey when you think about the quality of the meat that you’re getting.  I will say that the service was really good and ended up enjoying the experience, but taste-wise can be better.  Bill was $105 including tip.  Also, sidenote, they have cocktail soju – pomegranate, peach, mango, pineapple, strawberry and yoghurt flavours for $13.99 each and yes, this and the regular soju is the reason our bill is double what it should have been that night…oh well.

Sides, sauce & soju

Kimchi & bean sprouts

Pork Belly

Pork Belly

Spicy Chicken

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