Char Korean Bar & Grill

Ok, so I came here for my birthday with a group of 7..was tossing up between this and Breakers and well it came down to location at the end of the day, this was closer to other bars and could make a night of it basically.  We had booked, but came in about 10 minutes late so we ended up waiting 45 minutes for our table.  Hung out near the bar and had a few drinks, it’s pretty small so there’s not a lot of room.  People will tend to wait near the bar or even outside just because it is a bit cramped.  Finally, the table was ready.  It was one down the back and had a red curtain separating it from the others.  We had two vegetarians with us but managed to find a few dishes for them, started with the Vegetarian pancake, Dduktwigim – rice cake with spicy sauce, Fried Tofu and vegetarian Bibimbap.  We also ordered the Bossam – spiced braised pork with lettuce wraps, Korean Fried Chicken, sweet potato noodles – Japchae and off course, Soju(s).

We asked the waiter what was spicy and he looked a bit annoyed and said that there wasn’t really anything spicy and they can’t make it spicy either, we told him that the rice cake with spicy sauce was fine, but apparently, there was nothing else on the menu to match that.  The menu is honestly a bit limited and not very authentic or close to the options you would get at a Korean restaurant, but anyways moving to the taste of the food.

Scallion pancake ($10) – this was nice and the sauce was good too.
Dduktwigim ($8) – rice cake with spicy sauce.  This was great and a hit with the vegetarians in our group.  The sauce was perfect and the rice cake tasted good too.
Fried Tofu ($9) – another hit, I wasn’t overly crazy about it but the rest of the group thought it was great.
Bibimbap ($9) – vegetarian option again, we ordered two of these – one would have been enough.  It was a little bit average, not like the usual Bibimbap.
Bossam ($13) – this was good but not much flavour or spice.  They need to marinate it more, it was cooked well though and soft, but lacking flavour.
Korean Fried Chicken ($12) – this was ok too, a mix of sweet and spicy.  We ordered two of these as well and again total overkill with the ordering.
Japchae ($10) – this was good, again most of the dishes are not like your usual Korean food so don’t go in here expecting that.
I did appreciate the complimentary bday dessert – that was yum!

Quantity – yea it’s a bit small quantity-wise, you’ll probably end up ordering quite a few dishes if you’re in a group, but don’t overdo it like we did!
Ambience – it was full on packed, Friday night and loud music playing.  It was fine, but the tables and seating are very crammed so prepare to carefully maneuver through to your seat.
Service – It was alright, would have been nice to get a bit more helpfulness from our server seeing as it was our first time here.  Other than that was ok.
Spice – eh, not much, as I said before it’s not authentic Korean so 2.5/5.
Taste – Overall it was a little above average.  But not sure that I would come back here to be honest.  Cocktails were good so then again, maybe I’d come back for that and snacks before a night out.





Lettuce for Bossam


Rice Cake with spicy sauce





Scallion pancake


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