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Cafe Intermezzo – Alpharetta

We came here in a group of 5 for Valentine’s Day – so it was a pre-fixed 3 course Valentine’s Day menu for $85 (for two).  You choose 1 Starter to share, house salad or soup, 2 Entrees and 2 pastries for dessert which would be served with champagne.
So for the table, we went with one Naan and Lox and one Chicken Fladenbrot.  The Naan and Lox was smoked salmon on flatbread and had subtle flavour of the cream cheese.  The Chicken Fladenbrot was a bit more flavourful and the herbs they had added to it came through strong, but in a good way.  Obviously I chose soup over salad, actually we all did.  There were two options, Corn Chowder and Chicken Jambalaya.  I went with the Corn, I tried the Jambalaya and it was ok too.  For the Entrees we got Spicy Tortellini Alfredo with Salmon, Italian Gnocchi with Chicken, Chicken Florentine and Alfredo Spaghetti with Chicken.  The Spicy Tortellini was quite good, although pretty heavy on the cheese.  In fact, all the dishes had a lot of cheese and in general the dishes were really heavy, meaning we felt completely bloated and overweight the next day.  Ok maybe not overweight, but I need to stop eating for the next few days (as if).  None of us could finish the Entrees, the food took some time so I think we all got full on the Starters and soup.  The cocktails were a bit average, I got the Vi Olson, Gimlet and Tom Collins, so I did sample a few to comment on this!  We decided on 4 pastries to go, the chocolate milk, tiramisu, banana chocolate and a strawberry one.  Once we got home, we saw that they had only given 3 of the 4 pastries, so that was annoying.  It was a busy night and service was a bit slow, the waitress was nice though and recommended good dishes.  The location setting is nice for couples, but if you come in a group – 4 or more, it’s going to be difficult with seating, it’s quite tiny and the small round tables don’t work, also there’s no waiting area, so you kind of stand awkwardly near the door till you’re seated and manoeuvre yourself around when the waiters pass.  It was an ok experience, I’d say it’s a bit overpriced for what you get ($247 – includes 8 cocktails and 2 coffees).

Valentine’s Day Menu

Vi Olson

Old Fashioned

Corn Chowder

Chicken Jambalaya

Naan & Lox

Chicken Fladenbrot


Spicy Tortellini Alfredo with Salmon

Italian Gnocchi with Chicken

Alfredo Spaghetti with Chicken

Chicken Florentine

Tom Collins



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