So I am always looking for a good Korean place, once I find that favourite place I am completely loyal, but still, it doesn’t hurt to try new places..and in any case I haven’t found my place yet.  Anyway, I passed my ITIL and so deserved a treat obviously, and came here for dinner.  Ordered the Spicy Braised Short Rib ($23) and the Beef Hot Stone bowl Bibimbap ($14).  When I asked the waitress for the Spicy Short Rib she looked concerned as was like are you sure, it’s really spicy.  That was sweet, but I was like nah yeah I want it, that was my whole reason for coming here.  I like spicy food that feels like it could kill me.  Also got a soju, which came in a bucket with ice and soju in a glass bottle.  The sides were decent and the waitress was very attentive – I really liked the service here.  When the food came, the Spicy rib wasn’t that spicy as I was expecting, I liked the flavour though, I’m not sure if they lessened the spice thinking I couldn’t handle it but I have to say it was still good and was a bit more sweeter than spicy.  I couldn’t finish it, even without eating the rice. So got takeaway and she helped pack it up too.  Honestly some of the best service from a Korean restaurant.  I will come back again for sure and next time will ask for extra spicy 😉

Banchan + soju


Banchan + miso

Beef Bibimbap

Spicy braised short rib

E.M.Bop Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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