Sigiriya Accommodation

Sigiriya Village Hotel

My parents had been here when it first opened and we visited recently and not much has changed apparently. The TVs are CRT, no wifi in the rooms – you need to go to the lounge area-this would be my biggest let-down of the place. Rooms are tidy, our AC didn’t work so we were shifted to another room. Staff are very helpful and attentive. Tried the Ayurvedic massage, it was average. Pool was too crowded, probably need a few more given the amount of rooms available. Had the dinner and. Breakfast buffets, these were also ok. The hopper stand, they seriously need to get another one of these and keep it away from the omelette stand. Also guests try to butt in so some kind of formation needs to be managed here, it was really frustrating and at times waiting about 15minutes to get one hopper. Ok rant over. Other than that, a great place to stay with some room for improvement.


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