King Spa & Sauna

Visiting friends in Dallas and they bought the Groupon voucher for all of us. We went in 4 adults and 2 kids. We reached there at 7pm and it wasn’t too busy, but the waterpark was closed for some reason. Anyway, so yes there are two changing rooms, one where you takeoff your clothes and I’m assuming has other pools you can use (only women/only men in each), and the other you just get changed into the shorts and t-shirt they provide and you wear this around the foodcourt and to the other rooms – salt room, ice room etc. One thing we didn’t realise when we booked for the body scrub is that it’s not upstairs, it’s in the beauty area in the naked changing room. So needless to say we cancelled our appointments as you need to take a shower and we just got freaked out. Lol so maybe book for a facial or nail treatment if you’re not into getting undressed and then going into the scrub area, I thought we could get changed in the room itself, but that’s not how it works. Anyways, the rest of the rooms were great. The swimming pool area is good, but it’s hard to get in the hot spa’s – there’s only two and they are always full. Luckily we were there late so managed to get in eventually. The main pool temperature was a bit cold. The foodcourt was also pretty decent, wasn’t expecting much but it was good. Not restaurant amazing, but foodcourt good. Left just after midnight and had a really good time overall, would go back again next time we’re in Dallas.


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