New Orleans Accommodation

La Quinta Inn – Gretna, NOLA

Seriously, well we last minute booked for NY and off course everything was booked so this was one of the only places left – reasonably priced. We got here on the 29th and our room was ok, we really just booked for sleeping only anyway. Our friend’s room not so much, there was a musty smell can’t describe it. All the family rooms that were available had the same smell so just had to get over it and put up with it. The breakfast was very average, not much options and the orange and apple juice machine completely watered down. But it was free so trying not to complain too much on that. Next night we went out so can’t say much there, but there was some yelling from one of the upstairs rooms. On the final night, seriously loud yelling and seemed like a group fight, I thought a gun was going to go off at one point. There’s some characters here. Yes, there are families but a few people seem to be shady as and I will definitely not be staying here again.


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