Riscky’s Barbeque

Doing a bit of sightseeing and checking out the Stockyards Station, it was a bit late so rather than going back home we saw this place open and went to check it out.  We initially just came for drinks but ended up having food too.  It was a bit busy and took a table inside, our friends kids were with us also and seems a kid friendly place.  We ordered the Texas Mess, Original Texas Fries, Fried Corn, Blazing Buzzard Wings, Chopped on top Brisket and Onion Strings for the appetizers.  Along with the Chopped Beef Brisket Sandwich basket for a main.  For drinks we had the Texas Tea, Old Fashioned, gin & lemonade and beer.

The Texas Mess was great, a platter with fried corn and barbecued shrimp and cheese sticks.  For the appetizers, the Fried corn was the best, the wings were good too and the texas fries.  The Onion Strings weren’t that great.  The Texas Tea cocktail was really nice, properly made.  Also enjoyed the old fashioned drinks and can’t go wrong with gin.

Overall, wasn’t expecting it to be great as we just stumbled on the place, but it was not bad.  Wouldn’t go here to experience amazing BBQ, but for some snacks and drinks it’s pretty good.



Texas Mess

Texas fries

Fried corn


Chopped beef brisket

Onion strings

Chopped beef brisket

Texas tea cocktails & beer

Old fashioned cocktails

Gin & lemonade

Riscky's Barbeque Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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