O Bal Tan BBQ

The line at Madang was too long and was super hungry so came here with a group of 8.  We ordered the Fried Dumplings ($13), Gan Poong Gi with Prawns ($35), Pan grilled mackerel ($16), Cheeze Bul Dak ($28), Beef Bi Bim Bap ($14), Bulgogi Pork ($19) and Pork Belly ($19) + sojus.  The Prawns were pretty good as well as the Pork Belly, the Mackerel was quite nice too.  These are the best dishes out of the lot.  The Cheeze Bul Dak was not good at all, we barely touched it as the cheese started melting and dripping off the dish, it just wasn’t presented well and it did not taste as good as the Bul Dak at Madang.  Bit upsetting my last visit to a Korean place in Sydney for a while couldn’t be at Madang but oh well.  I would have stayed in line at Madang though if I wasn’t in a group, it’s just the best really.


Fried dumpling


Gan poong gi prawns




Cheeze bul dak


Beef bi bim bap


Bulgogi pork


Pork belly

O Bal Tan BBQ Korean Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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