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Gokul Sweets

Felt like chaat and I’d already tried the one in Decatur, which was really good.  So finding a closer option was pretty special.  There’s a good amount of parking and you can either take-away or dine in – if you dine in, they come to your table to take the order, not like the Zyka system. … Continue reading


Oh! My SamGyupSal

This is a KBBQ place where the meat is marinated and then cooked in front of you – for the majority of the dishes.  It also has AYCE options as well.  Honestly, I was actually looking for a Korean place which wasn’t doing BBQ but the usual cooked spicy pork and spicy/bulgogi chicken, should have … Continue reading


P.F. Chang’s

After serious debating, we all finally decided on Chinese and then eventually agreed on P.F. Chang’s.  Now I haven’t been here before but heard this was a big franchise here.  The ambience is nice and family friendly, we came in a group – 4 adults and 1 child.  We had called ahead and made a … Continue reading